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Empire Plate
Empire Plate
Empire Plate
Empire Belts

Empire Plate

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Empire Plate
This is the buckle for the days when you dont want, or need, to mess around with minor details. It's clean, and it's straight to the point. It's perfect for an all black look, and we think it looks super savage nicely fitted leather jacket! Pull it together, with the Empire Plate, you are the king of the urban jungle: and you're ready to goPick one up today and helps us support reforestation.

**Gift / Storage box included!**
**Tree saplings planted for every purchase!**

Empire Plate is a simple, stylish and attractive, no holes sliding belt that changes the way trousers are worn forever.
  • Unique high grade finish zinc alloy buckle
  • Provides over 30 Micro-adjustments as part of this easy to use sliding technology
  • High Quality discrete buckle trigger for smooth and convenient belt release.
  • Belts length can be customised, and buckles and belts can mix and match with other automatic belt systems. 
  • Adjustment system will cater to fluctuating waist lines.
  • Belts will not degrade/crack like conventional belts due to the elimination of holes.
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     Automatic Belt and Buckle for Men - Edge fashion at it's best.